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Canopy & Extraction Deep Cleaning

Fires in Hotel and Restaurant kitchens are too common these days and no business can hide this under any rugs or put it off for next year.

One of the common causes is the lack of a proper cleaning where kitchen extraction ducts are not cleaned sufficiently, frequently, or to a high enough standard and that makes them a fire risk for your staff, your customers and your business as a whole.

Here are some recent statistics of the percentages of organisations incurring fires in the premises. Are you one of these businesses, if so, have you had your system cleaned?
    Private garages and sheds (21%) 5,500 fires
    Retail distribution (14%) 3,500 fires
    Restaurants, cafes, public houses, etc (8%) 2,000 fires
    Industrial premises (8%) 2,000 fires
    Recreational and other cultural services (5%) 1,200 fires)

To find out more about kitchen extract cleaning or how to reduce the risk of fires in your kitchen, call us now on0800 955 0870/0121 707 0550for some friendly advice.

Duct Cleaning

You need to be confident that your ventilation ductwork is clean and free from biological contaminations and grease that can impact the wellbeing of your staff and business.

Extraction Cleaning gives you that peace of mind by providing duct cleaning to the exacting standards of the HVCA that meet with rigorous air hygiene standards and regulations using our specialised knowledge of duct cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning / Ductwork Cleaning

We use a range of extraction devices, air jets and brushes specially designed for the purpose, which allow us to remove contamination from your ducts and disinfect where necessary during the ductwork cleaning process, depending on the design and configuration of your system.

Factory Extraction and Dryer Duct Cleaning

Whenever laundry such as towels and bedding are washed and dried, large amounts of fibre and dust are given off. This is vented into the laundry extract system, where a significant proportion of this material can get through the filters and settle on the inside of the extract duct.
This reduces the volume of air flow that extracts through the system and from continued rotation from the extract fan will cause the fibres to combust. So this has a very high risk of fire if left.

It's amazing how regular laundry extraction systems catch fire in the UK.

Ventilation Hygiene Cleaning Services

It's a well known fact that contaminated air is one of the most common causes of Office Sickness. Poor indoor air quality can result from biological contamination, such as bacteria, moulds, pollen and viruses that may breed in air ducts, humidifiers and drain pans.
Mechanical ventilation systems (including air conditioning systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept free from contamination.

All our work is signed off by yourselves before we allow our operatives to leave. This ensures that both our standards and yours are met and exceeded.
We are covered for up to 10 million public liability and can also provide all relevant COSSH data, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment documents as our teams carry an extensive manual with them at all times.

We will assess any problems on your site, advise you and take complete ownership of the job. You just give us a date & time and we do the rest.

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