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Duct Hygiene

Amark Support Solutions fully understands that you are busy within your own business on a day to day basis.

However, ensuring your premises is safe and risk free from Fire is very important not only your livelihood, but to the interest of your employees, contractors & customers.

Of the 24,000 accidental fires per year in commercial properties, around 6000 are attributed to cooking and extraction systems. Businesses need to pay closer attention to maintaining their catering extraction systems, since claims arising from fires caused by poorly maintained kitchen extraction systems regularly cross insurers’ desks and many of these fires could have been avoided with good risk management practices.

Too often, businesses don’t give enough consideration to cleaning their kitchen extraction systems effectively.

In many cases, grease deposits that have built up in extraction ducting become ignited and cause rapid fire spread throughout the entire ducting system. As extraction ducts may often be routed through other parts of a building to reach either a roof, or are channelled to an external wall to extract fumes, we have seen some cases where the entire property has been consumed by widespread fire damage as a result.

The consequence of a fire occurring in the extraction ducting can be enormous, not only to the property, lives of occupants and fire fighters, but to a business’s bottom line. Business interruption costs are likely to have a significant impact, as an out-of-action kitchen is catastrophic to a catering establishment or licensed premises.

Amark Support Solutions can provide you with a full and in depth Ducting Hygiene Survey to ensure your property is complying to the TR19 guidelines for hygiene of your Extraction systems. We provide a full detailed report along with a schematic drawing of your system with photographic evidence of the condition of your system.

Within the report, we also provide recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of your system.

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more businesses suffer as a result of the lack of cleaning to their systems.

Based on the TR19, please see where readings should be taken within an Extraction system.

Measurements should be taken at the following locations:

  • Canopy/Extract Plenum behind filters
  • Duct – 1 metre from canopy
  • Duct – 3 metres from canopy
  • Duct – midway between canopy and fan
  • Duct – upstream of fan
  • Discharge duct downstream of fan

Below are the measurements that should be maintained at all times for your system.

Maximum Levels of Grease Deposit and Actions:

  • Maximum score not to exceed 200 microns
  • Score of 200 microns across the system exceeded – complete clean of extract system required
  • No single measurement should exceed 500 microns
  • Any single measurement of 500 microns – immediate local cleaning of individual “hotspot” required

Our in depth reports contain the following:

  • The areas of the system cleaned
  • Post-clean measurement (WFTT and DTT testing)
  • Photographic records (post – clean)
  • Recommendations for future cleaning requirements
  • Observations on the condition of the ductwork system
  • A schematic drawing of the system indicating access panels and testing locations (and highlighting any un-cleaned areas with a written explanation as to why the area could not be accessed and audited)

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