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Manufacturing & Distribution Cleaning
Working in partnership with Production, Manufacturing, Hygiene Managers and Project Engineers has allowed Amark to develop our skills and understand this market sector very well.

Assisting you to conform to numerous regulations, we schedule our manufacturing or distribution cleaning work in line with your production schedules, producing risk assessments and conforming to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) . As part of this, we offer a number of specialist cleaning services specifc to these industry sectors including high level cleaning, process parts cleaning and cladding cleaning.

Machinery & Process Parts Cleaning
The cleaning of industrial parts is essential to many manufacturing and fabrication processes. Specialist electrostatic or ultrasonic parts cleaning is crucial, even light contamination of components can cause dire consequences such as large numbers of production rejects or even costly stoppages.

Be it one off process parts cleaning or as part of a regular parts cleaning contract, Amark can carry out industrial parts cleaning on or off site including full degreasing, de-scaling and decarbonising of all components, parts and machinery.
With experienced knowledge of all methods of process machinery cleaning Amark can provide a specialist service either between regular runs or to decontaminate after a change in product.

Working in partnership to achieve full quality control Amark’s part cleaning services can help to maintain plant efficiency and maximise the cost benefits to your business.
Please call us for more information on our machinery and parts cleaning services.

Process Pipeline Cleaning
Corrosion caused by a reduction in pipe wall thickness increases pressure on the remaining metal and the possibility of rupturing the pipeline.

Regular process pipeline cleaning by the use of specialist eqipment can remove product build up and other contaminants that promote corrosion, ensuring clean product delivery, increased yield, throughout and efficiency.

Utilising a range of equipment to best suit your exact pipeline cleaning requirements, Amark are able to carry out regular planned pipeline cleaning maintenance.
Our experienced operatives can undertake a range of pipeline cleaning services to suit your requirements. These can include pre commission cleans of closed systems to remove welding and construction residues or periodic low concentration inhibited acid cleaning to remove surface based build up of metal oxides from heat exchangers and cooling towers.

Through the running of periodic inspections we can check the line for any problems and apply specialist coatings to protect and prolong your pipe work. Allowing for reduced runs and continued pipeline cleaning maintenance costs.

Paint Booth Cleaning
Both the appearance and the quality of a painted surface are the primary objectives of the painting process. Eliminating dirt and other paint particulates from the booth is essential as contaminants in the booth air and on the booth components can adhere to wet paint causing quality defects.
As a one off service or as planned maintenance Amark are offering complete paint booth cleaning in line with best practices to help maintain a quality and clean paint booth environment. Providing a comprehensive paint booth cleaning service covering all extraction, ductwork and filter cleaning, Amark will also clean all paint pipelines and components, helping to sustain their operational capability and increasing the lifespan of your equipment.
Our specially trained paint booth cleaning staff will handle all aspects of waste water disposal and full booth decontamination. We can also apply peelable tank/ booth coatings to provide efficiency for your future paint booth cleaning programme.

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