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Amark Support Solutions - Property Damage Restoration Service, significantly reduces disruption to your business

Amark Support Solutions provides a  property damage restoration service to take away the hassle of organising the necessary services and trades people you need to manage the complete project from start to finish for you.

Without the correct action and professional skills even minor incidents can quickly turn in to a major inconvenience to your home or business and cost you a lot more in time, energy and money.

From minor incidents to major issues, let Amark Support Solutions handle it for you.

With personal assurance that from the moment you get in touch with Amark Support Solutions our expert building specialist will be with you as quickly as they can to assess the damage and provide you with a professional, reputable solution to get you back in your property without delay.

We make the damage restoration as straight forward as possible, because we arrange, coordinate and direct all the services you need so you can leave the entire process up to us.

The first defence in effective leak management
Because a leak can occur at anytime and in any place around your home or business premises, QUICK action is needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

Its not the obvious leaks that causes the most amount of disruption, its the ones that are hidden or not easy to detect.

We provide a complete leak detection service using the latest infrared thermal camera technology. This can quickly detect leaking pipes and hidden damp for effective and rapid treatment.

Minimal disruption saves you money
Our infrared camera can quickly isolate leaks even those deeply buried under floors, concrete, walls, ceilings, exterior building component and roofing. Because we know exactly where the leak is we only have to access a small area to locate and effectively fix it for you. We make sure there is a minimal disruption and inconvenience to you during this time and clear, tidy and clean the area to leave it in the condition you’d expect from reputable professionals.

Our leak detention services will help you with:
•    Damp proof failures, water & moisture intrusion & roof leaks
•    Condensation & mould growth
•    Missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation
•    Heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors
•    Energy loss and efficiency
•    Electrical faults (e.g. overload/under sized circuits, faulty circuit breakers)
•    Plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioner system leaks and performances
•    Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems
•    Structural defects and hidden details

Benefits  of infrared/thermal imaging building diagnosis
•    Fast, non-invasive, safe – minimises need for building disassembly
•    Finds moisture source and structural problems quickly
•    Locate heating and cooling losses with high accuracy
•    Minimise disturbance of occupants and building operations
•    And much more...

The real cost of mould
As you can imagine - It’s not just the smell of mould that affects us but if left untreated can seriously cause harm to our health. Mould occurs where there is damp and a certain level of humidity and quickly reproduces by releasing microscopic spores into the air. These spores are easily breathed in without any detection and can affect your family, clients and business.

If mould is present it means there is a higher than normal level of damp in the area. This could be caused by poor ventilation, a leak or something else. Mould needs more attention than just simply cleaning away and the most important is to ensure it won’t return.

With Amark Support Solutions you can expect to receive a full and thorough service to detect and effectively treat any ongoing damp issues. This is our protective and preventive service to ensure the mould won’t return once removed.

Amark Support Solutions – Property Restoration Service protects your health
Because mould can grow at a rapid rate in certain conditions it can become more difficult to safely remove. Amark Support Solutions know exactly how to quickly and professionally isolate the mould to prevent spores spreading and then treat and clean the area to leave it looking like new. Plus, Amark Support Solutions applies a final follow up treatment which ensures the mould is permanently removed for total reassurance.

We can accelerate the drying of your property by up to 90%!
When a property has been affected by flood or water damage it’s important to dry it out as quickly as possible to prevent further problems and reduces the amount of inconvenience caused to you or your business.

Because we use the latest thermal energy drying system technology we can significantly reduce the time it takes to dry out property. In fact its so effective we can dry out an average sized property in just a few days, when the industry normally can take up to a month!

Amark Support Solutions- Property Restoration Service use the dynamic machine which provides maximum drying effect. This is the most efficient equipment in the industry because it evaluates the humidity and temperature of the area to be dried and selects the best mode for evaporation of moisture from the wet structure and contents to provide the most efficient and rapid drying process.

The Drymatic is unique and fast at drying rooms affected by flooding.

Using an innovative controlled warm-air process, the Drymatic provides a host of experience inspired features including kwh metering, data logging and easy to generate graphs.

When looking dry is not enough
Less efficient equipment can make surfaces look dry when deep into the structure they are still affected by water. Because the Drymatic exchanges the moist air with warm dry air it constantly optimises the ability to remove odours and dry your property from inside out.

We always make sure your property is completely dry to provide you with a fresh and healthy environment in the quickest possible time.

Professional property repair services you can trust
Drying out your property is just the first stage of getting it back to the way it was before the flood or water damage. This can include a number of different trades people and coordinating it can become stressful, time consuming and expensive.
Because Amark Support Solutions has all the professional trade skills to coordinate the repair we can provide you with professional management of all the services you need to completion.

Repairs completed on average 80% quicker
Your home or business premises may need trade services including:
•    Building
•    Plumbing
•    Electrics
•    Cleaning
•    Redecorating

The coordination and management of all the different trade services you need to get your room or property back to full use can sometimes take months to complete

We understand how important it is to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible so you’ll always find Amark Support Solutions service:
•    Fast
•    Convenient
•    Affordable
•    No hassle

Plus ,we help keep your business operational avoiding any unnecessary delays and expense during the repair process.

Property Damage By Fire?
Damage to your home or business premises caused by fire can be devastating and its understandable to think how it can ever be the same again. Not only can a fire cause structural and interior damage but secondary problems can often occur indirectly from smoke and heat.

This means a larger area of your property is potentially affected and needs urgent and professional attention.

Amark Support Solutions -  the Fire Damage Repair Specialist!
With many years experience Amark Support Solutions are specialist in dealing with all types of damage caused by fire and we know exactly what to look for and how to have it looking like new including the most devastating properties. You'll be amazed at what we can do to make sure property is safe, healthy and back to normal in the quickest possible time.

Our Expert Service Includes:
•    building
•    plumbing
•    redecorating
•    electrics
•    carpeting
•    flooring

Just one call to Amark Support Solutions gives you the complete solution for effective fire damage property repair. We know how important your home or business is to you so make it our business to keep yours going.

The Lasting Effects Smoke Can Have On Your Property
Its not just a fire in your home or business premises that causes problems but the spread of smoke, soot and odours that can linger long after a fire but this only masks it but doesn’t effectively deal with it for lasting results.

Eliminates Soot, Odour and Protects Your Health
Soot contamination is a very oily and sticky substance which needs specialist cleaning treatment to remove all traces of it.

Soot and smoke damage can travel a fair distance in a property to places you may not be aware of such as vents, loft, crevices and ducts. That’s why its important to allow our experts skills to fully treat, clean and inspect all areas of your property.

Amark Support Solutions provides all the skills and products to actively lift the soot from a variety of materials in your home or business premises. And because we use the latest and best cleaning methods we not only completely eradicate the soot and smoke damage but deodorise the entire area too.

You're assured a thorough clean to eliminate the potent stench of smoke odour for a clean and healthy environment that protects you and your family.

Working With Us

Our service is all about caring
From receiving the first notification through to putting the damage right we place the client first.

Receiving a new claim
We make sure it receives immediate attentions and the client knows all of our involvement. We take care to arrange a survey that is convenient for all and ensure we turn up on time.

Managing expectations
At the survey we explain what is involved and what the next steps will be. We provide an outline of the likely work and where damage is.

We take care to validate the scope of work in line with policy cover and identify wear and tear, uninsured damage when submitting our report. Where there is potential for asbestos we take samples to identify or eliminate the risk. The surveyors estimate is validated against pricing schedules before it is submitted to the insurance company.

Preparing for work
We advise the client when our report has been submitted and as soon as the estimate has been approved.

We provide a summary of the work and when it will be done and assist the client to select paints and finishes so there are no delays in the repair, once we are in their home or business.

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